Spicy Pear Smoothie Recipe

While I must admit to loving the milder temperatures we have had so far this fall, colder weather is coming! Spices are a terrific way to warm the body as colder temps approach. Kimberly is always sharing creative ways to enjoy the warmth of the season while resisting “comfort foods”. Enjoy her latest #sundaysmoothie


Source: Spicy Pear Smoothie Recipe

Green Tea Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Source: Green Tea Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Each Sunday my favorite nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder posts a new smoothie recipe. My mission is to spread awareness in the areas of strength, beauty, mindfulness, and nutrition. Therefore, each Sunday I will share her nutritious and delicious recipes with you. If you don’t know about Kimberly, you can find her at kimbersnyder.com. Try her Glowing Green Smoothie, affectionately called the #ggs. It’s a life changer!