Our Biggest Sale of the Year is coming on Black Friday!


We are so excited for our Bar Method Atlanta community!

That special time of year is almost here… the holidays! We love this time of year; it must be all the merriment and the opportunity to give gifts to those we care about.
Our annual Black Friday Sale is coming and it’s going to be awesome!
Here are the items that will be on-sale:
  • Club Bar Platinum: Unlimited Classes, on auto-renew
  • Club Bar Black Card: Pre-pay for the year
In fact, this is going to be our LARGEST sale of the year! If you wanted a unique opportunity to take care of gift giving for family, friends,  and yourself, then next weekend is your time!
We want to invite you to get on our VIP Notification list for full sale details.
Why get on the VIP Notification list?
Getting on the VIP Notification list gives you access to the sale a whole 12 hours earlier than everyone else. Our sales are extremely popular, so this is your chance to get your order in ahead of everyone else. We will be selling a limited amount of  packages at these crazy prices.
The Black Friday deals we have planned are really going to blow you away, so click the link above and you’ll get advanced
opportunity to add items to your cart and purchase.
Plus, shopping with us on Black Friday means you can skip all the crazy crowds and enjoy the day after Thanksgiving like it was meant to be spent – in the comfort of your own home with friends and family.
If you know someone else who should get on the VIP Notification list, please share this email. We don’t want anyone to miss out.
This will be the ONLY BIG SALE of the year, and the last one at this price because all of package options have had a price increase,
so let’s make it a good one!
And remember, your membership gets you access to both the East Cobb AND Lenox studios!!
Thanks for being a valued customer and member of our community.
Happy Holidays!

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